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Join us for the best weekend of your life!

The first and biggest festival for Erasmus Students! Travel & Party with hundreds of student from all over-the-world. Boat Parties, Pubcrawls, and HUGE afterparties.

Accommodation and Buses from +50 European cities.



Bus Departure

Arrival to Budapest / Prague


Buda Castle Tour / Prague Castle Tour

Crazy Meet & Greet

Drinking Games

Legendary Boat Party

Opening After Party



Professional Guided Tour

Group Picture at Hero Square

Szechenyi Thermal Baths* (Only in Budapest)

Beer Garden Picnic (Only in Prague)

Scavenger Hunt

Erasmus Pubcrawl with drinks included

Rep Your Flag After Party

Festival Closure




Bus Departure

  • Optional Extra






3-5 November

10-12 November

Early Bird Deadline

5 October 2017


17-19 November

24-26 November


Early Bird Deadline

18 October 2017








-Vienna -Graz -Innsbruck -Salzburg -Linz



Czech Republic

-Prague -Brno -Ostrava -Olomouc




-Milan -Bologna -Padova -Torino -Florenc


-Munich -Berlin -Dresden -Leipzig -Nurnberg -Magdeburg -Stuttgart -Augsburg -Hamburg -Dusseldorf -Karlsruhe -Pforzheim -Frankfurt -Koln -Heidelberg -Hannover


-Zagreb -Pula -Zadar


-Budapest -Szeged -Debrecen


-Ljubljana -Maribor


-Wroclaw -Warsaw -Lodz -Katowice -Krakow -Poznan -Bydgoszcz -Szczecny -Bialystok -Gdansk


-Cluj Napoca -Timisoara -Bucharest


-Bratislava -Kosice


-Novi Sad -Belgrade

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I went to the Budapest, Prague and Pag Erasmus Gatherings and for a good reason. Each time it was an incredibly fun experience! They take care of all the planning, so all you really have to do is show up and prepare to have a good time. All the staff are friendly and make a strong effort to make sure everyone is having fun. I look forward to going again!


Landon Mattson 

I had the opportunity to go to the 3 trips offered the the Jan – May semester 2017 ( Budapest , Prague and Croatia ). Erasmus gathering was for me a great opportunity to meet international students in Europa like me, from all around the world and have fun with them. I strongly recommend EG for next for future generations, I hope they continue with the same great service and incredible trips.


Manolo Quintanilla 

The Spring Break in Pag was great, the team is super friendly! We spent a crazy weekend , between pool parties, boat parties and parties at Papaya! To do absolutely in Croatia.

Laurie Colombet

The Spring Break in Pag was awesome ! Crazy pool parties, parties and the Papaya Club is somewhere you need to party at least once in your life ! Just Unforgettable

Suzanne Fermigier

Erasmus Gathering is an amazing organization! I had the pleasure to join two of their plans (Budapest and Croacia) and I can easily say I would do it again! 100% recommended. Loved the staff and the party


Daniel Manzo 

I loved the opportunity Erasmus Gathering gave me to promote their product in various schools! Not only did they teach me business applications, but also about having a good time with colleagues and new found friends! Until now, I still get updated on social happenings of my friends.


Dean Tan

Erasmus gathering is the place for you if you love meeting new people and you are in for crazy parties and unlimited fun! Budapest and Croatia were crazy , all thanks to erasmus gathering


Siddhant Mittal

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Erasmus Gathering?

Erasmus Gathering is the biggest European festival for students from all over the world (+1000 participants). The Festival consists of bringing Erasmus students from every country in Europe together into an unforgettable experience, wrapped up in one special weekend, guaranteeing the best quality service. Since our first event in 2014, Erasmus Gathering has been recognized as a core organization for uniting exchange students.

With 2 of the most beautiful cities in Europe as a backdrop, starting in the vibrant city of Budapest (Hungary), followed up by the historic city of Prague (Czech Republic), and closing up with a special Spring Break event at Europe’s top party destination, breathtaking Island of Pag (Croatia)

Weekend with us includes: Accommodation in the most centrally located hostels, the biggest Boat Parties in Europe, a walk around glamorous sights lead by expert guides, a taste of the City’s notorious nightlife with a Pub Crawl through the trendiest bars, and closing up strong with VIP accesses to the most famous clubs in Europe.

By joining us in our trips you will be able to meet fellow international exchange students from all over the world, discover the attractiveness of the 3 destinations, and create new memories together!

Our friendly & helpful Staff, detailed planning, and the impulse we have for creating the best experiences for our participants it’s what makes us a one of a kind organization.

Everything is already planned by our Erasmus Gathering Team, we’re just waiting for you!

Why Budapest?

We chose one of the most popular touristic capitals in Europe: Budapest. Its amazing architectural heritage, rich history, and unique youthful atmosphere will captivate you.

Famous for: Thermal baths, impossible language, BEST FOOD EVER, ruin bars, and CHEAP PRICES

The city is blessed with an abundance of hot springs. As a result, “taking the waters” has been a Budapest experience since the time of the Romans. We can assure you its the world’s best cure for what Hungarians call a macskajaj (ca’t wall) – hangover

Eat, Drink, & Be Magyar

There’s a lot more to Hungarian food than goulash, and it remains one of the most sophisticated styles of cooking in Europe. Budapest’s reputation as a food capital dates largely from the lat 19th and the first half of the 20th century, and despite a fallow period under communism, the city is once again, commanding attention

Chill out in Szechenyi Bath, eat a goulash for dinner, sit in a ruin bar, order a shot of “palinka”, raise your glasses and say “EGESZEGEDRE!”

Why Prague?
Prague is one of the most popular party capitals in Europe. It’s amazing architectural heritage, rich history and unique youthful atmosphere will captivate you.

Famous for: Charles bridge, the Astronomical Clock, John Lennon’s Wall, Goulash, Beer, lots of pubs and cheap prices, this central European capital has become a favourite for students.

Throughout the weekend our Erasmus Gathering Team will show you most of its treasures while having a good time in the company of other Erasmus students! Get to know the city, eat a goulash for dinner, sit in a pub, order a beer and a shot of Becherovka, raise your glasses and say “Na zdraví!”.

What's included in my Festival ticket?

*Legendary Boat Party with 1000+ Erasmus students (Biggest one in Europe)

*3 days/2 nights Accommodation in the best-rated Hostels, right in the center of Budapest/Prague (with Breakfast included)

*2 Incredible Themed After Parties (Neon Lights Party & Represent Your Flag)

*Pub Crawl with Unlimited drinks (first bar)

*2 Professional guided Sightseeing Tours

*Buda Castle Tour / Prague Castle Tour

*2 Meet & Greet Lounges with multiple activities so people can get to know their fellow Erasmus students

*Drinking Games, Scavenger Hunt, Giveaways Contests

*Exclusive EG discounts around the cities: Restaurants, Bars, Fast food stands, and more!

*Erasmus Gathering Team Entertainment: The friendliest, craziest, most active people you can think of, they will do everything for you to have the best time =)



*Party Bus transportation from over 55 cities (from 29.99€): Check all the cities we have in our booking page, if yours is not there, send us an E-mail and we’ll arrange it for you!

*Active afternoon in Szechenyi Thermal Baths: The best cure for a hangover and to relax after a long day of having FUN!

*Erasmus Gathering T-shirt: Official Erasmus T-shirt, a great souvenir from a great Festival

*Typical Hungarian / Czech dinner: A must try in each city (Beef Steak tartare, Svickova, Goulash, Chicken Paprikash, Trdelnik, and more)

Do I need to be Erasmus to join?
No, anyone who is looking for an amazing experience can join!



Is there a limited number of tickets?
Yes, we recommend you to buy them as soon as possible

Can I be in the same room with my friends?
Definitely, just make sure you all choose the same Team when booking and that you select the same package

Which hostels are we staying at?

Wombats City Hostel: 4-year Award winning: Most Popular hostel in Town and Best extra large hostel worldwide

Hive Party Hostel: This huge party hostel, buzzing with atmosphere is in the heart of Budapest’s party district. Counts with a huge bar, several restaurants on the ground floor, a rooftop terrace, and much more!

Avenue Hostel: This hostel counts with multiple communal areas, its located right in the doorstep of the main district, and counts with an unbeatable connection to main attractions and party venues


Plus Prague: At PLUS they count with amazing facilities such as swimming pools, saunas, restaurants, bars, fitness equipments, and much more. They focus on providing guests with high quality accommodation and the closeness to the center that everyone wishes for

Are the Transportation prices one-way or round-trip?
All the Transportation tickets are round trip (To the festival and back to your city)

When are the Early bird dates deadlines'?
Budapest: 5th of October

Prague: 18th of October

Where can I find more details?
You can find all the Information regarding: Bookings, Discounts, Dates, Prices, Accommodation, Transportation, Activities, and more in this page. In case you don’t find the information you’re looking for, don’t hesitate to contact us: eg@erasmusgathering.com


Is there a payment plan available?
Yes, it’s included in every Ticket, we separate the total amount in 2 payments:

The first one is done online and the second is paid in cash upon arrival to the Check-in

  • For tickets including accommodation is 30€
  • For tickets without accommodation is 20€

The website says that the Event is already Sold Out. Is there anything else I can do about it?
You can post in FB Groups or in the Event asking if someone is selling their Ticket so you can buy it from them. When you find a potential seller you can follow the “Transfer your Ticket” steps, which are specified as well in one of the Frequently Asked Questions. 

Where do the parties take place?

This information will be available for the Festival’s participants ONLY, we will be sending the Schedule including Meeting Points, Time for every Activity, and Addresses couple of weeks before the Gathering. 

I did not get an E-mail with my ticket, what should I do?
What is the email address you typed in when you registered? Please check your spam folder. If you still do not have it, let us know as soon as possible so we can resend it to you. 

Contact Us

Phone:+420 225 850 249

Email: hello@erasmusgathering.com

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